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Parsa Payandeh is an accomplished Isfahan based

watercolor artist and public art restorer. At a young

age Payandeh’s love for art lead him to participate

and win art contest in his hometown of Isfahan, In

2007 one of his most prestigious Art commissions in

Isfahan honored

His early work was placed in his hometown City of

Isfahan, and He established a devoted following after

his public art installation of birds in Iran with his

brother Soroush Payandeh.


For the past 20 years, Payandeh has worked on over

many public art projects in his country.


As a watercolor Painter, and Mural Artist, he has

helped create large-scale art projects in cities abroad.

He has over 15 years of experience working with

Composite, Ceramic art Mural, Public art fabrication,

and art installation. 


Parsa Payandeh is focusing on watercolor and as an

international Artist, whose work has been exhibited


His minimalistic style gained popularity in the

Middle East and United stats, and many art

enthusiasts collect his art globally.

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