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Tanin Torabi is an independent Iranian dance artist whose work spans contemporary dance performance, choreography and moving image. Coming from a sociology background, she holds an MA Contemporary Dance Performance from the University of Limerick, Ireland. She is well-known for her multi-award winning dance films including In Plain Sight, ​The Dérive and Invisible Point. Her works have been seen and appreciated in international festivals, cinemas, museums and dance academies in every continent. Her works have been described as rebellious, creative, inspiring, unbearably elegant and affecting, emblematic and poignant, empowering to women, and nourished with clarity and an exceptional ambition that is layered with a complexity of personal and cultural nuance, by festival juries and critics. Tanin has been invited to present her works and offer workshops in Asia and Europe, and has been performing for the renowned NYC based choreographer Yoshiko Chuma in Zooma: Dead End production during the pandemic.

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