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Suruchi Soni has recently completed her bachelor's degree in art history and aesthetics from MSU Baroda. Her dissertation questions the idea of home and tracing it into the contemporary Indian art scene. In 2019, she has worked upon the traditional art practice of her home town called Usta Art. She also works as a writer and has contributed to the Diwali edition of Jewelry News India, 2020. 


In her art, she tries to question and explore the possibilities of her existence as a human and then find answers through memories, experiences, imagination, connecting the dots of her experience as a human with that of nature by experimenting through various mediums. She connects to nature as being a very tiny part of it. She is inspired by the mysterious quality of the world, there are infinite mysteries with countless layers and textures. As she believes that, “firstly I am a soul, then a human and I believe in the power of pure creation which is God”. Her works are a result of the conversation between herself and her mind (as it is always very curious to know how things work, especially at a spiritual level) upon various things that clicks her randomly. Her approach is usually experimental and spontaneous in the case of works executed with immediate thoughts where she enjoys the whole process of creation more than the final result of it.

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