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Ayam Yaldo is Montréal/Tiohtiá:ke based artist and current MFA candidate at Concordia University in the department of Intermedia. Working in a wide range of media including performance, video, sound and sculpture, her practice explores narratives that shift between the personal and the political, the past and present, reality and myth. Her current research is concerned with the formation of identity and subjectivity, and how these take shape in relation to grand historical narratives, the European tradition of archeology, and her personal experience of war and displacement from the Middle East as a child.


Yaldo’s multi-sensorial approach to installation and performance makes use of storytelling techniques and absurdist symbolism, weaving together personal and historical archives, digital media and dream worlds. She creates layered, surrealist narratives that call into question the boundary between fact and fiction. Focusing on the body, identity and image, Yaldo explores concepts of reconstruction, transformation and ephemerality, in relation to forms of displacement.

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