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Roseminna Watson is most known for her work as a classical violinist, but in recent years she has begun to emerge as a singer, composer, and multimedia artist as well. She holds a B.A in Visual Art from Yale University, an M.M. in Violin Performance from Stony Brook University, and an A.D. in Chamber Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Fascinated by the human body as a vehicle that can carry us closer to the divine, Ms. Watson’s work is imbued with a haunting immediacy and poignant nostalgia. She currently makes art of all kinds, performs as a solo-act as well as a frequent collaborator with dancers, artists, and other musicians, and is a founding member of H u m m i n g O w l—a folk duo with her singer/songwriter/sitarist husband, Pablo Escalante. In March of 2020, Roseminna founded the Pandemic Polyphony project — an ever-expanding platform for collaborative connection between creators of all kinds across the boundaries of physical distance and isolation.  All work created through the project can be found in the gallery at Roseminna’s solo album, Limbic Hymnal (2017), is available at for physical copy, and on the iTunes store for digital download.

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