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PETER D. ABAYOMI is a multidisciplinary sound artist, composer, percussionist, music maker and a rising music mogul across multiple media including African folk music, Sound art, contemporary music, dance, and experimental musical theatre. This African music enthusiast has work and collaborate in different art spaces both locally and internationally in a unique way that has established a “ new mindful model ” for sustainable future of African music. During his musical studies both in African and beyond, Peter has blossomed into a fast-rising and accomplished musician. His level of success is a great example of what ensued when you meld natural talent and facility with a ton of hard work, focus, assiduous, woodshedding, and determination. He started playing music professionally in 2013, ever since then he has created musical works that has reconnects human & nature in a way that incorporates sounds from natural environments to address social abnormalities and has also referred him as an environmental activist. Peter had always wanted to stand in a wide podium to share his experiences and knowledge to the world, which has kept him grinding over time and he has mentored and train over 100 musician nationally & internationally who are capable to represent well across the globe on African music. This terrific musician has journey far to adapt other styles of music to his playing; which makes him he first African percussionist who had mastered Korean Janggu and Brazil Samba music.

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