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Nicole Brady is an Australian-born composer & pianist. Her compositions have been featured in concert series such as Hear Now LA Festival by the Brightwork Ensemble & Grammy nominated pianist Aron Kallay (sognare vignette i-iv), Master Series by Omega Ensemble at the Sydney Opera House (Postlude + Valse in L’istesso Tempo), and upcoming commissions include Tashkent Δx=xf−xi for string quartet.


Video Game, Anime & Feature Film scores include interactive series We are OFK directed by Teddy Dief featuring commissioned chamber concerto 'Neo Prefecture: Palm City, an ode to metabolist megastructures,’. As a collaborator, Nicole has performed as a soloist on numerous titles such as Romeo x Juliet, Valkyria Chronicles, and has been Hitoshi Sakimoto’s main orchestrator for the last decade (Tekken, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy XII etc).


Nicole is a Masters in Music film composition graduate from New York University (Elmer Bernstein Award), where she taught as an adjunct professor in piano performance, and a Bachelor of Music piano performance graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Winifred Elizabeth Nerious Award). She has been the grateful recipient of the Brian May Scholarship, Dame Joan Sutherland, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, APRA, PPCA & Australia Arts Council grants.

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