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Rick Niebe (visual artist)

MA in semiotic of Cinema at Pisa University, he works as an autonomous artist.

His research as videomaker consists in a minimal and epigrammatic experimental re-use of audio visualfound objects.

Interested in a critical 'detournement' of rough materials from the "mediascape" he focuses his attention onordinary anonymous images as well as on fragments from cinematographic history.

His work of de-construction of narrative devices, and re contextualization of visual elements, aims to disorient and estrange the viewer playing a game between memory and formation of new meanings.

(In the last years he directed:

"Totem-Tanz" (2002); "Simpsons Youth" (2003); "Zoo" (2004); "Monitor" (2005); "Empire" (2005); "Target" (2005); "Teresa" (2006); "Ekstasis" (2007); "Private Eye / I" (2007); "Hall of mirrors" (2008); "Vanishing Point" (2009); "Roulette" (2009); "Goodbye Mrs. Ant" (2010);”Frammenti” (2011- ongoing); “Frankie” (2012); “Study for interior with figures and sounds” (2013); “Ukiyo-e ” (2014); “Blue” (2015); “Mannequin” (2016); “[ ]” -Je suis DaDA”- (2016); K (2017); “Graffiti” (2018); “Prelude” (2019);)

His work has been shown in several international festival and exhibitions

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