Monday, July 13th -

Monday, July 20th, 2020


Du Vert A  L'infini: The New Music Initiative for performers and Composers is an annual festival focused on promoting collaborative relationships between composers and performers to create new works. Each composer is paired with a performer or ensemble, and they collaborate through the creation, premier, and recording of new work. 


The first annual De Vert A L'infini: The New Music Initiative for Guitarists and Composers will take place in Franche Comte, France in early July. This year’s edition features a total of 4 resident composers and 3 guitarists teaming up on new works throughout the course of one week. The project includes works for solo guitar, guitar ensembles, and chamber music with guitar. Works developed during the initiative will give its premiere in Franche Comte region in the east part of France, July 12 at the Museum Baron Martin, Gray and July 14 at the Église de Fresne, Fresne Saint Mames, and throughout the 2019-2020 concert season in the United States and South Korea.